Parke Wentling has earned a reputation as a trusted conservative voice that speaks up for our traditional values and the working-class ethics we all share.
    • Protected our lives and livelihoods during these uncertain times
    • Fought back against Governor Wolf’s unconstitutional mandates and massive tax increases
    • Passed fiscally responsible balanced budgets that did not increase taxes on our hardworking families and seniors on fixed incomes
    • Enacted pro-growth policies that have enabled the private sector to protect and create family-sustaining jobs
    • Secured much needed grant money for our fire and emergency service departments
    • Secured funding to improve our water quality, infrastructure, trail systems and recreation facilities
    • Secured funding to improve Lake Erie Access Improvements
    • Established a conservation coalition to protect ospreys and their nesting habitats
    • Defended the sanctity of human life and our 2nd Amendment rights